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An Error Occurred during Submit Process. Cannot Process content of type text/html


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Hello All,

I am submitting the form data to server using HTTP submit button. I am stuck in a weird situtation:

When I fill the form and click submit and my Firefox is open than I get this error "An Error Occurred during Submit Process. Cannot Process content of type text/html". However the data get submit to server and stores into the DB

If Firefox is closed then I get Confirmation (echo) via IE.

I tried everything but some how I am not able to figure out this problem.

Can any one please guide me or tell where I am going wrong?



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It is expecting PDF contents in return from server. Even if your return type is empty.

You can put a pdf file on server and simply use Page.Response.Redirect("success.pdf");
If you are using C# then following MemoryStream can be return

  private MemoryStream CreatePDFStream(string text)


            var pdfMemoryStream = new MemoryStream();



               //Create new PDF runtime OR read a saved PDF from server.

                Document document = new Document();

                PdfWriter.GetInstance(document, pdfMemoryStream)

                        .CloseStream = false;


                document.Add(new Paragraph(text));


                byte[] byteInfo = pdfMemoryStream.ToArray();

                pdfMemoryStream.Write(byteInfo, 0, byteInfo.Length);

                pdfMemoryStream.Position = 0;


                if (WebOperationContext.Current != null)


                    WebOperationContext.Current.OutgoingResponse.ContentType = "application/pdf";


                return pdfMemoryStream;


            catch (Exception ex)


                return pdfMemoryStream;