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adobeforms/ Empty Master Page is Printed at the end of the form , with only header data


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Hi Team,

I need a Technical solution for one of the Problem.

I am currently working on customized Delivery Note which has 2 Pages.

The entire data is coming up fine , but at the end i am getting one

extra Master page with Header Data ,Content Area is empty.

The height of the overflow ledger can be adjusted for removing the

Blank Page, but as per client , the Height cannot be reduced.

Either we should do this with the Help of Scripting or with any

settings in the Adobe Layout.

Request to suggest me any way to hide this extra Page.


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From your screen grab, I see you have two Master Pages (labeled Page1 and Page2) and at least two pages (one labeled HeaderPage1 and another labeled Page1Item).

Without seeing more of the hierarchy and not knowing whether you have any flowed content, this is the best guess I can give you:

The blank page you're experiencing is a result of not properly setting how many times to replicate/repeat each Master Page.

For instance, if you have Master Page Page1 set to repeat and your content (presumably flowed) goes beyond page1, it will print onto another Master Page Page1.  Then Master Page Page2 prints off all blank because all the content printed on Master Page Page1.


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Hi Dobe,

Thanking you for the Reply.

What should be done exactly for avoiding the Master Page2 when it is Blank.

Thanks & Regards,



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The Current setting for Page 1:                                         The Current setting for Page 2:


Request to check and let me know if any changes are to be made .

Thanking you,