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Adobe stratus to lccs convert


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I have an application based on Adobe Stratus. Can I convert the full application in Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Service by just to change the developer key? If it is not possible then how come I convert the apps by minimum effort?

- Please help me

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LCCS Applications are based on our ConnectSessions and LCCS Connections. I don't think just by mere changing of developer key you can convert a stratus app to LCCS. You need to register to our portal, get an LCCS account and dev key, create rooms. You then have to use your user credentials and the room URLs to instantiate a ConnectSession and add afcs.swc in your application. As far as various APIs are concerned, if they are under flash like NetGroups, NetStreams, Camera, Microphone etc, you can use those code as it is.

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Hironmay Basu


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LCCS abstracts away a lot of the management work required in Stratus. It's

definitely got some stuff you'll have to learn about, but we believe that by

providing a full framework for real-time apps, you'll save time in the long

run. I'd suggest starting by getting the SDK Navigator from the developer

portal, and watching the first videotutorial. Contrary to what Hironmay is

saying (it's rare I have to contradict him!) we don't really provide "raw"

access to NetGroups or NetStreams - you'll have to use publisher/subscriber

components which manage those for you.

hope this helps,



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Hi Krish,

You may also want to check out this article which discusses how a customer, OddCast, converted their Stratus application to LCCS.