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Adobe Livecycle Designer 7.0 - Text fields are not returning data on email submission-Help?


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Hello - I am using Livecycle Designer 7.0 and have created a form with different fields to be filled out and submitted via email back to me using the standard submit by email button.

However, when the form is filled out and returned all the control field choices from both the checkboxes and the radio buttons are there - but nothing from the textbox fields is returned in the email submission. Those fields are not being returned.

also - once they are returned how do I ensure they will repopulate via the import data into the form functionality?

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This forum is for the Adobe FormsCentral (formscentral.adobe.com) which is a service that allows you to create, collect and analyze data using an online web form. You should ask Designer related form questions in the Designer forums: http://forums.adobe.com/community/livecycle/livecycle_es/livecycle_designer_es

I'll move your post to that forum so you don't need to retype it. They can help you out...



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Oh - thank you - this is my first time posting to a forum. Sorry!


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Open the form in LC Designer and select a TextField. Go to the Object > Binding palette and make sure that the binding is set to Normal (or possibly Global, if linked to another field on the form). In most cases it should be Normal.

If the binding is set to None, then the field will not participate in data processing, eg submission, import or export.

Once you have this completed you will need to send out the new version of the form.