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Adding price component


Level 2


I am writing to you because I would have a doubt. 

Screenshot (449).png

This is the situation that i would like to have but at the moment I can only display the first item, as shown in the following screen:

Screenshot (448).png

What can I do?

 I don't know if it's a data problem because the data comes from an external system or I need to change the template and the binding settings.

Please, someone can help me?


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Level 10

Generally you have to set the table row to be repatable for each data item and have a binding to a repeated data node. Assuming your table displays customer data, where each row is for another customer, the data binding for the row could be MyCustomers.Customer[*].

The related XML data could have such structure.



        <Name>Lorem Ipsum</Name>




        <Name>Dolor Amet</Name>






To give you a better answer I would need to see the data and the form.


Level 2

Hi Radzmar, thank for your support.

This is my table 

Screenshot (458).png

and I need to show these 4 components under each line item (like the screenshot in the question)

Screenshot (459).pngScreenshot (460).png

The logic is that the PDF should show only the price component with a Code.(ppr0,dpg5...) but at moment it shows only the first component.