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Adding a simple sum field


Level 1

Hello, I hope someone can help. I am new to LiveCycle and are looking for a step by step guide to adding a sum total field.

I have found some guides but the confusing part is where or what thing I select to add the formula script to?

Do you click the Total field in my case? (see picture)

Any info or links you can give would be great!



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Level 10

Hi there,

it is simple, with the calculate event of total field you can add all the values you want and sum it up in the total field.

By using FormCalc script language, you can just specify the name of the field which will use the value of the field.

Using JavaScript you need to use the rawValue property of the field to access the value of the field.

You can also use the functionality of LiveCycle Designer to specify the reference_syntax of a specific field in the form by using (Ctrl + Left Click).

Simply put the text cursor where you want it to be in the script and use (Ctrl + Left Click) on the field in the design to insert automatically the reference_syntax of the specified field in the script.

Hope this help!