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action button will not perform on some computers


Level 2

I have designed a form on LS ES2; The form contains a button. The action associated with it that when I click, it should go to a chosen website. Whie the button performs this action on other Window based comuters (All Window 7) it does not do on this particular computer (Also Window 7). What could be the reason and solution?

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Level 6

Is Adobe Reader or Acrobat being used, and if so, which version? There is a user preference that controls what happens with web links. For example, in Acrobat 9: Edit > Preferences > Trust Manager > Internet Access from PDF Files outside the web browser


Level 2


I have Acrobat X. I checked the user preferences but still the problem is

there. It has to be machine specific because the same form can access the

website on other machines when the button is clicked.

Can you think of solution? Does it have to do anything with HTML/ script on

a particular machine?