Action Builder vs Email Submission

KSBarton 07-10-2019

I have 3 subforms setup as submit buttons. SF1 = Initial Request; SF2 = Control Card Update; SF3 = Data Center. Both SF 1 & SF2 have that when the submit/update button is clicked, it will 1) show current date 2) Make box 2/box 3 visible. All work perfectly. When I add the email information to the submit buttons, nothing works anymore, including the email.


Action builder events SF1: When submit button clicked, show today's date, make SF2 visible

Action builder events SF2: When update button clicked, show today's date, make SF3 visible

Action builder events SF3: When completed button clicked, show today's date.

When I add email info to these submit buttons, SF1 doesn't work and action builder seems to delete the actions.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



It sounds like you have been adding actions to the "Email Submit Button"?

I think you will have to add then to a standard button and then have that button call the click event on the email submit button, which you can hide.

The code to call the email submit button would be


Where hiddenEmailSubmitButton is whatever you have called your email submit button

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

KSBarton 08-10-2019

Thank you. It does seem like the only thing to do is create a hidden button. I can get the email to work with the buttons and actions to make each section visible, but as soon as I apply the action for the date to show the current day, it messes everything up.