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What object would this be called?


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Hello All,

I am trying to convert the workings of an html form to a pdf form. In the html form, I have a scrolling text box (textarea) with a relatively small page footprint. Within that text box is a list of items/illnesses/maladies at which I want the person filling out the form to look. Within the next field, they will tell me if they have had any of this long list of maladies, conditions etc. I don't want to use checkboxes, because the maladies are rare, they can just type in what they have experienced, etc.

Now then... In my html form, I have text within the textarea, good enough... But I can't figure out what this object is called in LiveCycle, nor how to make the similar field.

I'm pretty green with LiveCycle. Can someone direct me to the name of the object, how I get the long list of text within it, if there is a sample of something like this? I'd sure appreciate the guidance. I've dug and looked and looked, and remain stumped.

Thanks in advance,


PS. The list that people must look at has close to 100 items. I can hardly imagine entering all of these one by one. Is there a way to call a text file to populate this "scrolling text box?" If so, is there a simple step by step for this?
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Hi Tink,

Look in LC Help under List Box or Drop Down List.

Form example can be found at:


Happy computing!



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Hello Pam,

I'm long overdue for thanking you for hopping in to assist me. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

So...I needed a "List Box" (as opposed to a "scrolling text box" which I could not find in the Help.) I really didn't want a form field, just a scrolling list of text to help users on the next form question. I had to punt.

As for looking at the LC help and the file to which you directed me, I didn't have much luck (I did have a lot of frustration, but got introduced to a few things).

The "list boxes, populating" LC help gave me a very "vague" clue, one which I could not even try to apply. Why don't the helps give a step by step to apply them and see what they mean?

I worked and worked using info in the pdf file to which you directed me, trying to learn. I didn't want to populate the List Box with something "dynamic" (a database file) -- I just wanted a static list of text within it. Even so, I found myself having to try to write an XML file to bring in, only to learn that I needed an XSD file -- I didn't know how to write either of these. I had limited success, but not any success in bringing in fields. I found no singular step by step for what I needed.

WHY, no simple way to import a text list file into a List Box? So silly!

Well, I FINALLY found another "relatively quick/simple" solution to bring in a static list of List Box items. Unbelievable! This whole thing could have taken me 10 minutes with a nicely written Adobe help file.

Thanks again for taking your time. I felt so lost. Your message helped me to not feel "in the cold."