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Using a button to Print to a specified directory


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Hello all, and thanks in advance for taking the time to review my question.<br /><br />Background:<br />I've created a form for my empoloyees to use while ordering medication for patients. This will be filled out on the computer, and submitted directly to me via a button using the mailto:<myemail> command. I then will review the information, and archive the pdf form. For archiving, I will be using a pdf archiving tool called docucom. When I want to save each form, I select print (I know that doesn't make sense yet, one more second) and select docucom, then select a directory and destination file, and hit print. It then adds the form I was just looking at to the file, which will hold all these forms for future access.<br /><br />Question:<br />It makes it one step easier for me to add the print button to the form I created, however that still leaves a few steps. I would like to be able to have the print button specify where exactly to print, so I can direct it to the docucom "printer" (which isn't a printer, follow?) therefor archiving it. If I could do this, then my employees would be able to archive at the time the medicine is ordered, and I would save myself having to go through untold numbers of these forms to archive them manually. Any ideas?
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The PrintParams Javascript object does include a special "fileName" property -- but this is a path for the "print to file" option. It doesn't work with the PDF printer and I don't know if it will work for Docucom. Checkout the printParams object:


Also, you might want to check out the Distribution capability in A9 -- it can do much of what you're looking for here. It gathers all your responses (you can also filter the responses based on different criteria) and then archive your responses to a PDF Portfolio.