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Uninstall WorkBench 8.2


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I have encountered a strange thing when un-installing WorkBench 8.2, just wondering if anybody had encountered the same...

to uninstall 8.2 WorkBench,

I went to control panel, add/remove programs,

selected the WorkBench 8.2 and clicked the remove button;

then went through the process,

eventually it said that the unistall was successfully done,

and returned to the Add/Remove Programs window.

But then, it got stuck,

the WorkBench entry in the Add/remove programs window stayed in there,

it's not cleared out.

and, I could not close the add/remove programs window!

waited a couple of minutes and nothing changed, it's stuck.

so I had to reboot the machine.

after the reboot,

I went to the control panel again,

and the WorkBench entry was gone!

this problem didn't seem to cause anything to malfunction,

but it would be nice if it won't get stuck.
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