Working with ContentSpace in Workbench



The thing, i want to do ,is to obtain set of xml-files (or/and their

direct paths and names)  from some ContentsSpace folder.What am I doing

: I'm creating GetSpaceContents opeation and receive  list<CRCResult>

variable. The question is :1. how should I obtain (what functions ,

using xpath or smth. else) the file directly and its attributes (such as

path, name)?

2. Can we access to each of the CRCResult variable in the list (

mylist[1], for example)?It didn't work out in my case.If we can't , why?

How should we produce that?

Thanks in advance.






From a variable of type CRCResult one can use xpath to get the file directly, its attributes etc.

Access File Contents:-


Access File Attributes:-


Yes we can do that using following xpath notation:-


For more details please see the following snapshots of the sample process:-

1. getSpaceContents(): Method gets the contents from space and stores them as a List of CRCResult object. (e.g. outputList<CRCResult>)


2. execute(): Operation performs following steps:-

  •                 2.1 Fetch first item from outputList and assign it to a CRCResult variable (i.e. crcObj1 in our case) /process_data/crcObj1 = /process_data/outputList[1]
  •                 2.2. Fetch file contents from the CRCResult Object and store it to a Adobe Document Object(fileContent in our case) /process_data/@fileContent= /process_data/crcObj1/object/@document

  •                 2.3 Fetch file attributes from the CRCResult Object and store it to a string Map Object(fileAttrMap in our case) /process_data/fileAttrMap = /process_data/crcObj1/object/attributeMap


Hope that answers your question well.