Unable to Import XML data after using a schema....



I would appreciate ANY help on this issue;

I am not unable to actually get XML data to populate a xdp form that is based on a schema.

I have been able to generate a PDF form from a schema and also from an XML data file - The Live Cycle designer appears to read this without any problem

Where I have difficulty is :

After designing the form - I cannot access another data connection The manage form data dialog grays out both XML form data and XML schema once I have created the form . So - if I delete the connection after generating the form fields - then it won't load correctly stating that there is no mention of a data file.

The ShipOrder example supplied with the Designer appears to work properly - And this is precisely the behavior I am trying to emulate but I cannot get my own form to do anything like it -

I am studying this problem using the documentation available but I must be missing something.

Wuld it be possible for you to do a basic - walk through - of the process - so I can see If I am missing anything ?

I will describe my process - and then please correct me if I am making any errors.

1. Create a blank form using the designer

then in Manage Form Data palette

2. Create a new data connection

- select schema - do not embed schema

3. in Manage Form Data palette - select generate fields

- watch fields appear on form Design view

4. Adjust fields , etc.

5. ...... here is where nothing I do helps me to populate the fields with data.

- Please help