Submit to URL with query string?




I have a PDF form with a submit button that sends it to the URL of a page I made that reads in the binary stream from the request and then saves it on the server. I would like to be able to save the file on the server as the value of one of the text boxes that the client fills in before submitting.

Ex:, if they entered in "Bob" for the "Name" textbox, I need to somehow extract that value and save the pdf as "Bob.pdf".

Any ideas on how I can accomplish this? Is it possible to enter in a query string on the button that points to the value of a textbox?

For example:

Pretend this was the URL in the submit button - http://mywebsite/pdfreader.aspx?Name=Name.rawValue

Is something like that possible? I'm open to any ideas / suggestions to accomplish this task and am working in a environment.