Speeding download of large sized file




I could really use some help. Im stumped. Im using Livecycle Designer ES and have a large form with a lot of graphics (~15 MB), Im planning on emailing it to customers, but its so large it is impractical. Ive tried getting rid of objects but am down to the core information so cant reduce the size that way. 2 questions:

1) Is there a way within Livecycle or through publishing in Acrobat that I can significantly further reduce the size of the file? Ive read the Adobe documentation and have already tried their suggestions (e.g. using one of the supported fonts instead of embedding a font, etc.)

2) If I cant significantly reduce the file size, is there a way that I can do something to make the user not wait as long for a download? I had 2 ideas but dont know if they are at all doable:

a. Package the pdf file with a download accelerator that will work just for that file to speed up the download, and doesnt need a separate installation. Does anyone know if there is such a product?

b. Split the large pdf file into sections. Have the user download the first section. While s/he is filling that out, in the background be downloading the next section, and so on. If this is programmable, could someone explain how to approach it.

Thanks very much for any help with this. This is a great forum.