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Simple JS works in Acrobat 7, but not 8 - why?


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I have a simple form with 2 fields: "myname" and "phone". "myname" is a drop down list populated with 3 names. I want to be able to populate the "phone" field with a phone number corresponding to the "myname" field automatically.

I have the following JS attached to the calculate event of the myname field. This works perfect in Acrobat 7.0.9, but does not work at all in Acrobat 8.0 professional or Adobe Reader 8. Does anyone know why?

switch (myname.rawValue){

case "Beth Voigt" :

phone.rawValue = "431-3833";


case "Bobbie Hartfiel" :

phone.rawValue = "431-2019";


case "Dave Brown" :

phone.rawValue = "431-2448";


default : phone.rawValue = "";


event.newText = myname.rawValue;
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