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Simple javascript problem using 'if' and '&&'


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Could anyone please explain why my IF statement is not executed as being true

xfa.host.messageBox("tf_Company.rawValue: " + tf_Company.rawValue, "Debugging", 3);

xfa.host.messageBox("tf_Type.rawValue: " + tf_Type.rawValue, "Debugging", 3);

// At this point tf_Company is Integral and

// tf_Type is Modification

// However, the 'if' statement fails and does not display

// "In the IF Statement"

// The "After" is displayed.

if (tf_Type.rawValue == "Modification" && tf_Company.rawValue == "Integral")


xfa.host.messageBox("In the IF statement", "Debugging", 3);

tf_Company.rawValue = "TBA";


xfa.host.messageBox("After", "Debugging", 3);
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If there is any difference in whitespace, the == operation won't match the strings.

One way you can spot if there is a whitespace difference is by putting some recognisable characters directly before and after the values in your debug box:

> xfa.host.messageBox("tf_Company.rawValue: >>" + tf_Company.rawValue + "<<", "Debugging", 3);

Might not be the cause in this case, but worth eliminating as a possibility.

Also, I think == is case sensitive, does the case match with what is shown in the debug box?


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You might try testing each condition within parenthesis:

if ((tf_Type.rawValue == "Modification") && (tf_Company.rawValue == "Integral"))


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Thank your for your help.

Yes, there was 1 space before the word "Integral".

I had never noticed. This has led me to look at other fields in the form and they all start 1 space in.

However, in another form that I have developed, there is no 1 space before the text when I enter text into a Text Field.

Would you know the reason for the 1 space before the text and how I eliminate it.