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Show/Hide subforms like a popup


Level 2

please help me with this challange:

I want to have the user to click a button like "Show/Hide". Once clicked a subform with several field should show. The user fills in the fields and clicks on the button to hide the subform.

However, there are several subforms that flow. The thing I want is that the subforms move up or down when another subform is shown. It should be possible to have all subforms open at the same time, so all need to flow.

I hope that I have descripted my challange clearly enough ;-)

Thanks in advance!

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Level 4
if (formAddress.presence == "visible") {

formAddress.presence = "hidden";


else {

formAddress.presence = "visible"


That will toggle between showing and hiding if you put it in the click event of a button and change "formAddress to" the address of the form you want to hide/show.



P.S. If they aren't moving up/down then they are not set to flowed.