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Scripting for a Novice


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I have been put to the task of making LiveCycle work for our company to produce work orders for our manufacturing plant. I've just been learning as I go, and I can see that this FormCalc (and/or JavaScript) can make these forms even better for our use; but I do not know ANYTHING about scripting. I've printed the FormCalc User Reference, been through Adobe LiveCycle Help and have flipped through the latest edition of JavaScript for Dummies. None of these resources are giving me the information I need. Does anyone know of some good resources where I could learn "enough scripting to be dangerous" but not so much that I could write a PhD thesis?

Or could anybody help me with some basic scripting lessons? For example, I can set up a basic script to add/subtract/multiply/divide two fields. But I can't figure out how to write script to sum the calculated fields.


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See the "Acrobat User's Community", http://www.acrobatusers.com/ , there are a series of eSemminars on demand that provide an introduction into AcroForms JavaScript, and LiveCycle Designer FormCalc and JavaScript. Acrobat/LiveCycle Designer JavaScript is a special variation of Web JavaScript only the ECMA implementation along with special extensions for the properties and methods of Acrobat/LiveCycle Designer form objects.