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Saving an interactive form with style changes and fields in readonly state?


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I'm working with an interactive form, with 1 initial page, and a second page wich instance number is calculated from a form field. I enabled the advanced user rights, as I want the users to signd the populated form digitally and resend it via email.

After populating the form, I have a button that checks some fields, change the fillcolor of other ones and finally locks every field using the access="readOnly" method, and then saves the document.

Anyway, when I open it again, the fillcolor are reset, and the fields are no longer readonly. It works when using a static form, but that way I can't create instances of the second page (as long as I know, as I've been using livecycle for two or three days).

Are there any solution to keep the style changes and the readonly state once the form is opened again? If needed I could paste some of the code here, I'm using javascript.

Thanks in advance!
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Ok, I found a solution here: http://forms.stefcameron.com/2008/09/29/restoring-the-state-of-your-form/

I changed the Restoring from Manual to Automatic, so problem solved.

Thanks anyway!