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Repeating User input (such as name and date) on each page automatically


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Is there a way of having the information provided by the user on one page, such as name and date, automatically repeated on separate pages (perhaps as a header/footer.) The input would be via Reader only.

I have an application form of four pages, after the first page there is no direct unique evidence linking the remaining pages to the first.

Basically I want each page when printed to have an identifier, so that in the event of the pages getting mixed up, they can be put back together.

Any advice gratefully accepted
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You can put page numbers on the master page so it will say x of y. Or as you suggest ...simply put the fields you want on the Master page and they will appear on each page that is created.


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Thanks for the reply Paul.

What you say will work, but what I want is for the information on Page one from the Name and Date field to appear on the remaining pages in a different position and a much smaller point size, just as a reference to associate them with the first.

Such as, the first two questions at the top left of page 1 are Name and Date of birth, size: 10pt & bold. That info then re-appears at the bottom right of pages 2,3 & 4, point size 6 and normal.


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you can sole your problem with many way...

- You can use Global binding, so user nter data one time and every field with the same name automaticaly get the same value.

- You can use some Javascritp to obtain similar effects (more complicated but more fexible):

Create a Js Object (name it Global for Example).

Create some variables, i.e.: var field1;

Place one field in master pages and in their initialize event use the statement below:

Global.field1 = this;

In this way you obtayn a refernce that you can use everywhere in your form.

For example you can write: Global.field1.rawValue = "Hello word";

I hope this helps :-)



(sorry for my poor english);


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Many thanks Roberto, the 'Global binding' solved the problem.

But I'll have a go using the other options, just to see how they work.

Thanks again