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Removing a line in a table at runtime


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In the current setup I'm using a table with a fixed amount of lines (6) to display some extra data per item line. I can't get this extra data in a table so I'm retrieving the data from six separate nodes from my data.

Normally you'd bind the table to a table in the data and then the table would grow/shrink depending on the amount of lines. Now however I need to effectively hide the entire row.

When I use JavaScript to put the presence of the entire row to 'hidden' the row becomes invisible, but there's a lot of empty space and that's what I want to remove. I've tried setting the height but little success with that (though I'm not entirely sure I'm using it correctly).

Any ideas on how to remove a line in a table at runtime, so that it's gone? (no longer visible but the place where it was removed completely)
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is the form dynamic

is the subfom content set to flowed