Populating one drop down based on another



First thatks to all of you who response so quickly to most of the messages posted here, I get a lot of great help from these forums.

OK, to my issue... I am pretty sure this can be done but since I am not a programmer I really don't know how it is done but....

I have one drop down that has 11 options. Based on which of those is selected I want to build the list of options for another drop down. Any assistance would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks --> Eagle




I have the same problem. I have one drop-down with Division (i.e. HR, Finance, Technology, etc.) and another drop-down for Department that I would want to populate off of the Division drop-down (i.e. HR is the division - the Department drop-down populates the options of Benefits, Public Relations, Labor Relations, Employee Development).

Any help here would be greatly appreciated also!