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New Social Platform SDK - Come Sign up to Learn More!


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     Hi All,

We looooove LCCS, but we also recognize that if you're building a social site or application, its capabilities are one element of the overall picture - you still need to build your own user profiles, etc. One of the things we've been working on is a set of APIs to help solve some of the problems LCCS leaves for you to deal with, making the entire offering stronger as a whole.

  I don't want to get too much deeper into it here. If you'd like to learn more, check out our site :


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Sounds really interesting

Had a look at the site link.,

All looks good, but no mention of ActionScript API?

I really hope Im just missing someting here and it's not just a JS project.

to be able to use this new Social SDK with LCCS would be great. please tell me this is whats its going to be able to do.

I think sometimes lately Adobe aren't really helping push flash and AS.

please tell me Im wrong.

cheers anyway for the heads up




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"APIs to help solve some of the problems LCCS leaves for you to deal with" ... that's a very negative statement aimed at the LCCS team. I think they provide solutions, and the LCCS package doesn't leave us with problems, it fills current problems. If LCCS creates any "new" problems, then a bug report would fix it, it sounds like your problems are make believe.