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Need to set up dropdowns with selections that create other dropdowns


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I am designing a LiveCycle 8 PDF form. I want to set a dropdown box to present six options, and then the user gets a separate dropdown with six options specific to each of the first one.

Is there any way that this can be done?
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See "Programming List and Combo fields in Acrobat and LiveCycle Forms Part 1" by Thom Parker, http://www.acrobatusers.com/tutorials/2007/js_list_combo_livecycle/ ,

for and example of populating 1 drop down box filling a second with a variable number of options based on the first selection. Note examples are given for both AcroForms and Live Cycle Designer so make sure you read and download the LiveCycle Designer example.


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I need to do something similar to this.

Specifically, I have two combo fields containing the values 4 - 20.

Whatever value is selected in the first field, only values above it should be available in the second field.

And equally, whatever value is selected in the second field, only values below it should be available in the first field.

Thom's solution doesn't really help in this case.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Many Thanks