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Microphone bug? Microphone index always 0.


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LCCS Microphone bug? Microphone index always 0.

LCCS 1.5.0.    Flash Player

When a user changed the microphone (using right click -> settings -> microphone, or Security.showSettings(SecurityPanel.MICROPHONE)) AudioPublisher  still using mic with 0 index.

I look into code and find:


protected var _micIndex:Number ;  //TODO what is this initially (default)?



* Returns the currently selected microphone.


public function get selectedMic():Microphone


   // trace('get selected mic, player');



      _mic = Microphone.getMicrophone(_micIndex);        <--- Here


1. Now: Create my "Settings" panel, where user must manually change mic (not by Flash Security).

2. Want:

   Set "_micIndex" default value to -1;

Than check:


      _mic = _micIndex == -1 ? Microphone.getMicrophone(_micIndex) : Microphone.getMicrophone();

Or another solution. But it will be good if it work wright.

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Hi There,

  First of all, thanks for taking the time to report your issue - it always helps.

  Interesting. We'll test to see if we see the same bug, and if so, we'll include a fix for the release-after-next. The next release is coming up very shortly, so we're out of time for fixes there.

  thanks again!