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LiveCycle 8 - Invalid Radio Button Group


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Hello all,

In a fillable form, I get the following error when I add radio buttons to certain (but not all) radio button groups:

"Invalid Radio Button Group. There are at least two Radio Buttons which have the same value. Since the group is meant to be mutually exclusive, all values must be unique."

This error occurs both when I copy and paste an existing radio button, and when I add a new radio button from the Library palatte. The error appears when select Right Click - Wrap in New Radio Button Group. If I add the new radio button to an existing group by dragging and dropping in the Hierarchy window, then the error does NOT occur.

The radio buttons appear to work correctly in spite of this error message. What is the cause of this problem?
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Highlight the radio button and click on the binding tab.


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To elaborate on Amal's response above:

With the radio button list highlighted on the Hierarchy tab, look at the Binding tab on the Object palette on which you should see a box with two columns.

One column for "Value" the other for "Item". 

Each value represents one radio button included in the radio button group.

The error message occurs if any of the values for the items listed in this box are the same.

Change the values in this box to something like 1, 2, 3, etc. by highlighting a value, clicking F2 and entering new value.