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Is Java Script something out of Star Wars?


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I am new to A.L.C.D (version 7) and would like to create a simple form that contains a drop down box that is linked to an access database.

I have read several articles/help files etc on setting up the link to the data base but can't get it to work?

I can creat a new data connection ok following the steps in the help file and it will show the first line of data from the database. All I get though is the annoying "dunk" sound when I click on the drop down box?

Please help?
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Actually this type of programming pre-dates StarWars, including the movie. You do not program by a speaking into a microphone or clicking mouse and dragging objects, but by actual program calls with passed parameter strings and testing the return so one does not go past the end of the file. So you have to write necessary control loop to retrieve each record.

The examples I have seen all include a far amount of coplex code.

Actually I saw a Big Iron application in the 1970's that would allow the painting of input screens with selected objects, and then from a program would analyze the objects and generate all the code to create the display and pull the data as requested. But the programmers had to write some very specialized system utilities to generate the source code, compile it into object code files, and then link the object code files and object libraries to generate the applications program.


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Ok so I gather it is not a simple task:(

If anyone can offer anyhting to help please do?