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is data passed back to responder a read-only copy?


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I have a service that I call, adding a responder:

var modelingDataResponder:IResponder = new

var modelingDataService:DataService =

var token:AsyncToken = modelingDataService.fill(myModel,


This causes the variable myModel to be filled. It adds a
responder called modelingDataResponder which implements IResponder.
modelingDataResponder is called when the fill completes.

My question is this. modelingDataResponder is called with
data that's a copy of the myModel object that was filled. But it
seems to be only a copy. It seems like executing code inside
modelingDataResponder that changes data fields inside the parameter
that is passed in just changes the data in a local copy, not in the
myModel object that was filled. The two objects have separate
addresses when looked at in the debugger, and changing a value in
one has no effect on the other.

So it's like the data that is passed back is a copy. The copy
can be read. Writing in the copy is OK, but it is just writing on a
copy, on on the object that was filled. Right?

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I think that this is a bug... I think that today the
responder's token is receiving the raw array of objects received
from the server. It should be given the same object - i.e. the
"myModel" object -- in the result event. I'll make sure a fix gets
into the next release. In the meantime, a workaround would be to

token.myResult = myModel

just after the fill call... then use "myResult" instead of


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Hi Jeff,

We use LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.6 and we currently have this  issue.

When using LiveCycle Data Services ES 3.0 (I only replaced  following swc's: fds.swc and airfds.swc) we don't have this problem any  more.

Thanks for the workaround.

We still have a few questions could you answer these for me?
- Since what version of LCDS is this issue resolved?

- Is their a Jira issue for this?

- Is a patch available?



- Since what version of LCDS is this issue resolved?

LCDS 3.0 and above.

- Is their  a Jira issue for this?

No, as we use an private bug tracking system for LCDS.

- Is a patch available?

No, sorry.  You would have to work through Adobe Technical support to get a hotfix for this, and I do not believe that one exists.  I would recommend upgrading to 3.1 if you can.