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If you select a check box it automatically blanks out other check boxes?


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HELP - I am trying to create a new form where if you tick a box that is titled 'fit for normal work duties' then the next check box 'fit for restriced work duties' will be greyed out and the end user wont be able to select this. Can Adobe Professional do this? If so how. I would be most grateful.
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Hi Shelley,

This article on using "radio check boxes" includes two downloads with code you can examine for each type of PDF form, AcroForm and LiveCycle Designer. This does not discuss greying out fields but does show how to create mutually exclusive check boxes that perfrom like radio buttons- only one choice allowed.

Radio Check Boxes

This next article discusses how to disable, or grey-out fields in both AcroForms and LiveCycle Designer PDFs-

Disabling Fields

Hope this helps,




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Once you read that article and understand how radio buttons work, you can use radio buttons for your design but chnage the appearance to be boxes to make them look like checkboxes but act like radio buttons.