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Task Manager Endpoint (workspace) To Email Endpoint


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I have a process working well within Workspace.

There is an xdp form in the process and many assign task operations.

People logon to Workspace and complete their tasks by filling the form and pressing the complete button.

Now i want this process working without Workspace and only with sending emails.

Could you give me hand and write the steps that i must follow to reach that goal.


I've started adding an email submit button to my xdp, rendered it to pdf and saved on the desktop. I am planning that: someone will fill this form and the process will start. Tasks will be coming with email and people will open this email, fill the form..and go on..


Thanks in advance

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have you solved your problem,if not I can try to help you out




Level 3

Not actually, this is still a question to me. If you help i will appreciate it.




Level 10
I think you're on the right track. Once the form has been submitted to LiveCyle you can just route the form like any other form. Just make sure you set the preference in Workspace to recieve an email notification.

That way a user will be able to complete the task without having to go in Workspace.