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How to stop saving to hard drive if mandatory fields are not filled in?


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I have created a form that people will recieve via e-mail (in livecycle when i choose to distribute form I choose save and send later), they will then fill in, save to their hard drive and then email back (i am not using email buttons on the forms themselves due to complications with our email client).

I have some mandatory fields, and I have built logic into the form so that if they don't enter data in required fields a message pops up. However, some people are still not filling in all fields and they are still able to save the form to their hard drive whem mandatory fields have been ignored.

How do I build logic into the form to dissallow saves if all mandatory fields are not filled in?
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Ok, thanks for your reply. Can I build logic so that they can't fill in a field unless the previous field has been filled in?


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>Can I build logic so that they can't fill in a field unless the previous field has been filled in?

It's theoretically possible to do this (e.g. each field has an action

of removing read-only on the next). It's considered extremely bad form

design, because people don't always fill in fields in the order

specified. If you watch people with a form they fill in their name,

address, other easy stuff; then they go back for the harder stuff.

They may want to save a form because one piece of information needs


What you might like to consider is a large splash "FORM INCOMPLETE" in

Red or whatever, which vanishes when all the fields are completed.

Aandi Inston


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How would this or where would this be done? I am in the same situation at my end?