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PDFG from LiveCycle ES Update 1


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I have just attempted to create a testing environment for a customer. It's a turnkey installation of PDFG on JBoss / Win 2k3 server. Basically the system works, but there is one major issue:

If I try to configure a source for PDF conversion by going to the Home - Services - PDFG page and clicking on "Sources", I get forwarded to the Service management page. This has happened with two installations on two different machines. The link looks like this ("http://localhost:8080/adminui/postsso.faces?sso=/AACComponent/sso&frame=/AACComponent/switchServiceConfigurationsPage.do?page=0&userSessionKey=98764238C7BF78F916FB06F44F118F8F~AdobeIDP2UI_PGUIComponent").

I'm not sure if this is supposed to be correct, but I don't think so.

So how can I configure a source?

Thanks alot,

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