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How to "Expand to Fit" in script


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I want a text field to have scroll bars while editing, and want it to expand to fit content (even flow to next pages) when it is printed.

Haven't been able to figure out how to do so.

Any Help?

Many Thanks.
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The subform and the form must be set to flowed and dynamic render. On the Layout palette make sure that the Expand to Fit checkbox is checked under the Y: coordinates.

There is a sample that shows this in the Designer install directory. Look under install dir/EN/Samples/Forms/Purchase Order/Dynamic Interactive/Forms/Purchase Order.pdf

The comments field does exactly what you ask.


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Thanks Paul!

It shows the scrollbars while editing, but as soon as we tab out of the textfield, it expands the textfield already. Doesn't wait for printing time. Any chance of keeping it in scrollbars up until we actually print it?

If not possible, then I guess this behavior will have to do.

Thanks again.