How to gain same functionality of fdf with dynamic xml/pdf



One good thing of the fdf-data-files was that the relevant pdf-form was loaded into acrobat automatically when clicking on the fdf-file. This is widely used at one client, where this way integrates perfect with the database-application (the double-click on the fdf-files is initiated by the application).

The client now wants to move forward to dynamic forms and since fdf-files do no work with dynamic pdf I checked how implement this with xml-data-files.

I exported the data from the lifecycle-designer-8-generated-form into an xml-file and checked the content, but did not find any reference to the pdf-file, which of course does not start when clicking the xml-file. Import into the already loaded pdf-file works without problem, but that will not integrate with the client´s application.

How is this done with dynamic forms?