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How can I pass a variable to a form to pre-fill form fields on load?


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Hi all,

I am developing a Windows Form Applicaiton in C# to register new users and walk them through a signup process.The application does a lot of other things as well. This part of it collects their personal information and saves the data to the database. Part of the process requires the user to complete a pdf form (W-4 tax form). I would like to pre-populate as many form fields as possible for them when the pdf launches, and not have them enter anything to get their data to prefill the form fields.

My issue is I can't figure out how to get the pdf to know who is loading the form so I can do the SQL select and populate the form fields. I need to do a select * from Table where UniqueID="xxxxx" but how can I get the form to know on load what "xxxxx" is so it grabs the users personal info from the database?

I have searched high and low and found nothing on how to do this without doing some hoakey hack outside of the application or pdf doc.

I am creating/editing the form in LiveCycle Designer 8 and am loading the form for use by the user in acrobat 9.

Any help,ideas, or nudging in the right direction would be much appreciated!

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