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Help with Purchase Order Template in Designer


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I'm very new to Designer, and I would like to use an example of the countries and states drop down lists on the template to create an interactive form that populates one drop down list based on the user interactions from another.

From looking at the template, the states list is populated depending on whether or not canada or united states is chosen. I can not tell where this data is coming from. I had intended to copy this fiels and modify the information with my own as I'm not familiar with Java Script, but I could not locate the data used by this template. The variables tab in the form properties area has just one varaible listed, and its value is set to 0. Any help with how to find the template data or input my own would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi J.C.,

The file that you are looking for is U.S. States.xfo. For my installation of Acrobat Professional 8 it is the location below:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 8.0\Designer 8.0\EN\Objects\Custom\

I would make a copy of the original file and name it what you want the new item it to appear as from the Insert/Custom Menu option. The file can be modified in notepad. When opening the file in notepad you may get a window that has a check mark in a box that tells you to always use notepad to open the file. Make sure you uncheck that box!

About 9 lines down you will see the text name line item. Change that name to be the name of your new file. Make sure you don't change the indented structure of this file. Also, when you save the file in notepad use the "save as" and change the "Save As Type" to "All Files". Otherwise, it will change the format type of the file to text and the name will be U.S. States Abbreviation.xfo.txt and will be unusable within Designer. Do not change the location of the file in your save as.

Hope this helps.