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Fragments - How to reference them in JS?


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We have a subform that is being used in about 20 places in a dynamic PDF form and basically showing/hiding this subform and setting it's internal object values based on user's selection somewhere else in the form.

Using the normal way of scripting this subform and its objects directly is working perfectly. However, when I converted this subform to Fragment, the current JS does not working any more. Another strange thing is the fragment node is not showing in the auto complete list during scripting!?

I do appreciate any idea where to look at and if there are any references on how-to?

PS: using Adobe LC ES Designer 8.1.


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are there any ideas how to solve that problem?

I've got the same problem:

"var childNodes = startNode.nodes;" found nodes which are fragments themselve. If I want to do a "theNode.access = "readOnly"; " the contained formular elemnts are not found (within LC Designer 8.1, they're greyed out too).

Is there another naming convention for denote a fragment or doesn't fragments can be manipulated in such a manner :-(( ?

Regards, Leo