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conversion issues (encodings missing)


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I'm working with some form wording someone created in something other than LifeCycle Designer (at least LifeCycle thinks that's the case). I need to open the form, copy its contents and paste it into a new form with other form elements. I told the department that owns the form (but the original author is, of course, long gone) I needed the original fonts and they supplied me with what they think are all the necessary fonts.

When I open the form in LifeCycle, I choose the form, select Preserve appearance (since I'm only concerned about the wording, but I have tried Maintain Editability and get the same results), deselect convert images to bitmaps at there are no graphics at all other than text, and select "print" as the return method as there is no data to submit.

I click on Finish and am greeted with the Summary of conversion issues. I could reproduce them here but they are extensive. Here's a summary of the summary:

-785 characters had font sizes that were reduced...

-Some colors were modified to fit the RGB color space...

-Encodings of 2410 characters are missing:


and many other entries similar to that line.

I click on ok and it looks terrible. paragraphs are broken into multiple segments. the left margin is destroyed. there are multiple other issues that will probably take just as long to fix as typing the thing out manually.

My questions is: is there anyway around this nightmare?

Any input appreciated. Thanks.
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