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Flowing text onto a second page

I have a form where I am pasting text in a subform (occupies an entire page) a lot of text. Everything works fine when the pasted text is more then one page and I get scrolling bar at the right and a black and white + at the bottom right. The problem is I want the text to be flowed on to the next page. This is needed because the form may need to be printed and faxed sometimes.

I have tried several tricks but so far I have not stumbled upon a good solution!

Any help would be appreciated!
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Level 10
Having a field scroll across a page margin is not possible in anything before version 9. Are you using version 9 or something earlier.


Level 10
Then it will not scroll ....can you upgrade to 9?


Level 10
I was refering to the version of Designer that ships with Acrobat 9 (it is actually 8.2). Then you woudl need Acrobat/Reader 9 to handle the new break.
This actually is possible with Acrobat 7 and 8. You can prove it out with the following step-by-step procedures:

- Create a new form with a single body page. Save it as a Dynamic PDF form.

- Drag and drop a text field onto the page. Select the option to "Allow Multiple Lines". Also, make sure "Expand to Fit" is checked for the Y direction on the Layout pallette.

- Set your body page to be a "Flowed" content subform (it is "Positioned" by default)

- Do a PDF Preview. Enter enough text to span multiple pages. When you click out of the field, it will wrap across multiple pages.

Hope this helps!

Justin Klei

Cardinal Solutions Group
Justin - Thanks for your suggestion! It works - again only in a new form. In the form I am working on with a bunchof other objects the "Allow Page Breaks within content" is greyed out and I think that is the difference! But I have no idea why that check box is greyed out! I have tried manipulating a bunch of properties but nothing changes!

Paul - I am now convinced that I have the most current versions including all the updates for LC ES 8.2 that came with my Acrobat Pro Extended (v9.0.0)and Acrobat Reader (v9.0.0)


Level 10
To allow page breaks to happen your content has to be in a flowed subform. Are you using flowed or position subforms?
I am using flowed subform. I used Justin's approach and it works fine on a "virgin" new form but the same settings do not work in the form I sent you. I just get a + at the bottom right hand corner. I have spent a couple of hours trying many combinations including deleting the old page and inserting a new page, add new subform and the text box and I end up with the +at bottom right.


Level 10
I no longer have the form, can you resend it along with an explanation of where the troublesome field is and I will have a look. Send it to:
I also am having this same dilemma. I have the form available, if someone could help me activate the function to flow the text onto another page. I have Adobe LifeCycle Designer ES 8.2 that came with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.

Thank you!
I am using Adobe LiveCycle 8. I have expandable boxes working well. My only problem is, I don't want them to expand forever. I'd like to limit each box to 10 lines. Is this possible? If I limit with characters, it doesn't work because it allows carriage returns.

Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Create a subform with content = Flowed and Allow Page Breaks within Content checked (not blank).

2. Insert a Text Box in the subform created above with the following properties:

a. Layout Tab - Check Expand to Fit under Height

b. On Border Tab - Check Omit Border around Page Breaks

c1. On Object / Field Tab - Check Allow Multiple Lines

c2. On Object / Field Tab - Check Allow Page Breaks within Content and Keep with Next.

Be sure you are using v8.0+ of LiveCycle ES otherwise this won't work!

Good luck!

Make sure your form is being saved as a dynamic PDF and not a Static PDF. That is usually one thing that is easily missed that will cause this dynamic functionality to not function properly. Here are a couple of settings that you should check (in Designer 8.2):

- Form Properties-->Preview-->Preview Type (should be Interactive Form)

- Form Properties-->Preview-->Preview Adobe XML Form As (should be Dynamic XML Form)

- File-->Save As-->Save as Type (should be Adobe Dynamic XML Form)

Please explain...

How do I create a subform with content? As soon as I make the subform "flowed", it turns into a straight broken line, not allowing me to insert a text box.

I am using LiveCycle ver. 8.


Level 1


I am trying to flow text, from expandable text fields, onto a second page.  Can anyone give me some pointers to make this possible?  See attached form.



Level 10


    I corrected your form and attached in the post..You basically need to make the entire page as a Flowed subform and wrap each multiline text field into a separate subform will resolve your issue. Let me know if you still have issues.




Level 1

Thank you, that did the job!  However, I can't figure out how to do it myself....

I am unable to manipulate the pagination tab.  Is there something that I need to do to turn this on?  I'm hoping that's the issue...

Thanks again!


Level 7

Have any of you that are having problems checked the target version your form is set to run in? Click File >> Form Properties >> Defaults and make sure Target Version is set to Acrobat and Adobe Reader 8.1 or later.


Level 1

Mine flows to the 2nd page OK, but then the it overlaps my header that I've built on the Master page.  Any ideas on how I can avoid that?