Flex and Writing to Database



First, I'm new here, so maybe the question has been asked.
I've been tasked with using a widget that is created in Flex
Builder to write data to a SQL Server or MS Access database. Can
anyone point me in the right direction to get going on this task? I
have heard mention of WebOrb, but...since I'm new to Flex (just
this week) I'd rather NOT try even MORE learning, unless needed.
Can this be done using just Flex Builder? Or...Flex Builder and ASP
.Net? Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

Brad in San Diego





Hi Brad, Flex is intended to create Front-Ends UI, so if you need to write data back to a DB you need to use a backend server tecnology such as CF, PHP, .NET or any other and then you can communicate Flex back with your server using webservices, remoteojbects or httpservices. Hope this helps.