file size increase after installing LCD ES v8.2.1 (CS3.3)




Hi,<br /><br />Problem:<br />The file size of a LCD v8.0 form increases significantly when opened + saved in LiveCycle Designer ES v8.2.1.<br /><br />A Dynamic XML form, targeted at Reader 7 & up, build in LiveCycle Designer 8.0.?, has a file size of 75 kB.<br /><br />Our company has upgraded to Creative Suite 3.3, which is shipped with Acrobat Pro 9.0, and, apparently, LiveCycle Designer ES v8.2.1.<br />The installation removes the previous version of LCD.<br /><br />If I just open and save the form in this new LCD, the file size becomes 473 kB.<br />The XML-tab shows some additional rows, in the <config> part, but not enough for 400kB of extra code.<br /><br />Further specs:<br />- Windows XP Pro SP3, fully patched;<br />- Creative Suite 3.3, updated.<br /><br />Anyone a solution, work-around, some info?