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Fields not stored when using Schema


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I have a rather complex form that was built without a schema - I now need to access a few fields on the form from my workflow process and it seems that I will need to bind these fields to a schema to do so. I tried to create a simple schema to which I could bind the few fields that need to be referenced in the workflow, but when I do so, none of my fields get carried forward as the form gets assigned to new individuals in the workflow. If I remove any bindings to the schema it works. It seems, therefore, that if a schema is used at all, all fields must be bound to it. Is this the case or could there be some other problem? Due to the forms complexity I really don't want to try to create a schema and bind all fields. Can anyone tell me whether I do need to bind all fields to the schema?
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yes,if you use a schema all fields need to be bound, by the way you do not need to use schema to access the form fields,you can just use normal xpath expression to access form fields


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Thanks for clarifying this - when I try to access the form fields via xpath and don't have them bound to a schema I can't drill down to the form fields - can you clarify how you would use xpath to reference them - if this can be done it would save me a huge amount of work.


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Further to my last post, if I don't have the fields bound to a schema and I try to reference a form field from a process step using XPath, I can only expand the form as far as the following. As you can see, the fields themselves are not visible.



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follow the following steps

open the form in acrobat

fill out the form fields

Export the form data. You should be able to do this from Forms | Manage Form Data menu in acrobat 9

Save the form data as .xml file

open the xml file in browser

you will get a fair idea of the root element and the data inside the root element

in the workbench you can use the setValue to assign the form data to a variable of type xml as follows

/process_data/xmlData = REPForm->object->data->xdp

here xmlData is a variable of type xml

then you can use xpath into xmlData like follows

/process_data/xmlData//fname (Assuming fname is a field in the form)

let me know if you need any more help


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We have a problem about data/FSFIELD_ too.

To create the form we have used a wsdl connection.

And when we make a process we have :


So we can't acces to elments of the wsdl form.

When we execute the process nothing happend, so we think it's normal because we don't have acces to elements.

We have tried to change the path :


using the xml schema of the form ( form1/Body/getRequestState/in0 )

and we tried /process_data/demandeForm/object//data/in0

but this solution doesn't work.

(in0 is the field name).

Have you any idea ? please