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Extracting Data Using HTTPService Without mx:Columns


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Hi, Guys:

Has anyone tried accessing the database through HTTPService,
and not use mx:Columns?

One of my columns in my database has really long text blobs,
so I don't really want the column name along with the content of
what is in the content to be in place along with the other columns
when I access the database through HTTPService.

I tried using something like mx:TextArea and put it in
mx:DataGrid, since it is still part of the database, but the screen
displayed a syntactical error message I have also tried putting in
the dataProvider in mx:TextArea so that it could link back to the
database I extracted from the HTTPService, which was also
disallowed. Is it possible if I just have the text blob extracted
separately and have it change according to what the users select
from the entries in the DataGrid I specified?

This is what I have now:

<mx:VBox width="450">

<mx:FormItem label="friend">

<mx:DataGrid id="friend_find"



<mx:DataGridColumn dataField="id" width="25"

<mx:DataGridColumn dataField="name" width="108"


<mx:TextArea id="friend_desc" width="300" height="100"
text="What Should I put here?"/>




Can anyone tell me what I might have done wrong here?

Thanks in advance.
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Level 3
In you want to insert a component you should use an
itemrenderer or an itemeditor. You cannot insert directly a
component like you did in a datagrid.