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Examples of Data Services messaging Assemblers


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Though I'm a seasoned developer I'm a newbie to Flex in general and to LiveCycle ES in particular. So please bear with me

We are looking to integrate LiveCycle with a proprietary middleware messaging system. For all ends and purposes you may consider this system to be a pub-sub close to JMS topics or Tibco Rendezvous. Format of records representing certain financial data (trades, orders, market and reference data, etc.) is similar to JMS MapMessage. Each type of records is published on its own topic/subject/chain with a high frequency updates. Select fields from records of various types keyed by the same index should be assembled into composite Position object (could be hash map) and shown in a Flex DataGrid blotter one per row. DataGrid should reflect real-time updates. Web client users may change certain values in a blotter and changes should be replicated to other clients.

I've read "Data Services ES Developer’s Guide" and my understanding, please correct me if that's wrong, that  we need to develop a Custom Assembler for our messaging system. The best and fastest way to learn is to examine similar already working code. Within LCDS 2.6.1 installation I found Java source for the Hibernate Assembler which's a little bit hard to map to our messaging system.

How LCDS implements JMS messaging? Is there a source for the JMS Assembler or some other assemblers for messaging systems? I'll be grateful to any pointers and suggestions. Thanks!

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