dropdown list binding



Hi,<br />I have the following requirement, a drop-down for user to select country. And I suppose to have a XML schema embedded to the form and bind to the country drop down. The form is reader-extended. When user select a country and save the form, it is suppose to save the 'COUNTRY CODE' of the selected country and not the text. How is it possible?<br /><br />I have the following schema defination:<br /><xsd:element name="MyCountry" type="xfa:CUSTOMISED_COUNTRY_CODE_TYPE"/><br /><br /><xsd:simpleType name="CUSTOMISED_COUNTRY_CODE_TYPE"><br /> <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string"><br /> <xsd:enumeration value="ALGERIA"/><br /> <xsd:enumeration value="ANGOLA"/><br /> ...<br /><br />I bind the MyCountry to the drop-down. But, how can I define the 'COUNTRY CODE' in the schema file and bind it to the drop down? I can't use a XML data file for binding. Thanks.