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Drop Down List and Text Field Need ADD&DELETE Button Please Help.


Level 3

I've tried to create two buttons 1 add 1 delete, neither work correctly.

I've followed a tutorial and tried debugging but still no sucess.

If someone is willing to look at my form I can send it via email.

Your help will be very much appreciated

Thank You,

Arnold L.
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Hi Arnold

Humm... I hope I read it right... (still I've sometimes problems with the understanding [other mother-tongue] ;D and I am somehow dump too ^^)

May I ask, why you just don't make the field visible/invisible??? There have already been solutions made on this board for that problem :)

The outcome would most likely the same: when the user clicks one button, the textfield dissapears and he won't be able to write anything in there, if he clicks the other button the textfield is writeable and visible.

Wouldn't that do it too???

Hope that helped :)



Level 3
I'm having trouble correctly getting the buttons to work....

I really don't have a clue why the two buttons have no affect on my table.

I thought I followed the tutorial correctly apparently something is missing and I don't know where to start.

I'm willing to show the form to anyone who has the capability of fixing the form.

Thanks for the reply


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Send your form to livecycle8@gmail.com and I will have a look. Make sure to indicate what th eissue is.


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The form works great. Thank You Paul!