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Does anyone know if Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES web scripts support something like the alf_ticket param available with regular alfresco? On content services the service/api/login web script returns a saml assertion xml file in the ticket element instead of a single ticket value.<br /><br />Without the ticket its kind of a pain avoiding extra auth prompts when calling web scripts via flex/actionscript HTTPService<br />(got rid of auth prompts using livecycle flex proxy + basic auth headers)<br />(and adding <dynamic-url> for contentspace/service/* to sevices-config.xml)<br /><br />For upload/download can't seem to avoid auth prompts with flex<br />(to an upload web script url via FileReference.upload )<br />(tried basic auth header with flex URLRequest + crossdomain.xml allow-http-request-headers-from (tried crossdomain.xml in livecycle turnkey jboss root.WAR dir and in contentservices.war (inside adobe-contentservices.ear )<br /><br />Thanks,<br />Steve Reiner<br /><br />http://www.integratedsemantics.org<br />http://www.integratedsemantics.com
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I tried using the whole saml assertion xml section (everything inside the root element) encoded as alf_ticket param value. Didn't help (still get authentication dialogs with webscripts).


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Found out content services supports a "ticket" http header with the saml assertion xml instead of a "alf_ticket" url param


Still can't seem to use this ticket header from flex/flash.

Other than an initial auth prompt on first use of upload/download/view due to this, FlexSpaces+Browser and FlexSpaces+AIR RIA clients for Alfresco now support LiveCycle Content Services ES



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The topic is still unanswered after 7 months

Still haven't haven't found how to use the saml ticket header (no one answered this topic other than myself)

Did figure out that  the /contentspace/wcservice webscript url can be used instead /contentspace/service  when you have already logged in with contentspace.  With this you don't need to use a header (basic authentication, etc.) and cookies will be used to authenticate.

This doesn't help a stand-alone use case.

And headers aren't supported well in Flex.  To use with HTTPService you have to use the flex proxy.  And some APIs in Flex don't even allow you to add headers: Flex APi to view  files navigateToURL(), to upload files FileReference.upload()

With the URL arg ticket regular alfresco, these apis work fine

Content Services should add back in the URL arg that Alfresco had alf_ticket  (say renamed to adobe_ticket   or  ticket_that_works_with_flex_unlike_headers)