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Audio/Video Issues in Tour de LC


Former Community Member

First off, I would like thank Adobe for producing this resource.

In looking through the various pages contained within Tour de LC, I have found a couple of minor issues with regard to some of the videos presented. A co-worker had found a video that had no audio, unfortunately I am not sure which module it occurred. There is some kind of captioning in the video so it may just be that there is no audio.

In LiveCycle Overview > LiveCycle Solutions > Life Sciences > Life Sciences Demo Module, the Life Science Demo video does not sync with the audio. The video seems to stop while the audio continues.

In the LiveCycle Overview > Resources > Adobe TV section, the Videos labeled 'Service-Orientated Architecture for the Enterprise' and 'Invoking a LiveCycle ES process from an Adobe AIR application' seem to be the same video.

Again, Thank you for this great resource. I am sure it will be helpful to a great many LC users and developers.

Vive La Digital Revolution!!

Ryan D.E. Garner

Systems Consultant

Garner Data Systems, Inc.

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Former Community Member

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the input and compliments on Tour De LiveCycle.

Many of the videos in TDL do NOT have audio associated with them.  They simply have callouts on the screen directing the user.

On the "LiveCycle Overview > LiveCycle Solutions > Life Sciences > Life Sciences Demo"    I do not see the same behavior as you do...it seems like it is ok.  Maybe it has to do with the network speed.

We will fix the link on the Adobe TV to point to the correct video.

Thanks for the input!

-Jeff Kalicki

Avoka Technologies


Former Community Member

Ryan Here again...The Life Science Demo seems to hang after the user clicks the Start Live Chat button. I can press the Forward button and it seems to proceed...I also noticed that the video is larger than my screen resolution, even with the Layout toggled off (have since increased to 1280x1024).

Thanks for your quick response.

Ryan D.E. Garner