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Cocomo and RTMFP


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"Cocomo’s hosted services infrastructure comprises
servers supporting RTMP and RTMFP that are hosted and managed by
Adobe. Cocomo enables both UDP-based direct peer-to-peer
communication between multiple clients and TCP-based client-server
communication for applications built using the Cocomo framework for
Adobe Flash Player or Adobe AIR. Cocomo can switch seamlessly
between peer-to-peer and client-server streaming, as network
conditions and user capabilities required."


are not bandwidth and message count limits seem irrelevant
for p2p scenarios where clients are directly communicating with
limited usage of cocomo services(only for establishing connection
between them at the beginning of a p2p session)?
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even when in p2p mode, data messages are managed by the
server (that needs to check permissions and stuff), so your
messages will still be subjected to quota.

Also, currently p2p as implemented by the FlashPlayer is only
usable within a very small number of clients, after which Cocomo
will switch back to hub and spoke.

In any case your are correct that some of the limits are less
relevant when in p2p mode, but on the other side we will be
charging depending on the usage of our services. If you don't "use
us" because you are going p2p you are not "costing us" bandwidth
and/or other resources so we will not charge you.